Peanut Butter Banana Cookies Review

After awhile I get tired of the same old cookies.  You can only eat so many chocolate chip cookies or snickerdoodles! I am not a huge fan of peanut butter, so PB cookies are hard to digest for me.  So, I sprung for something new!  I came across these peanut butter banana cookies at and they were a huge hit!! My 2 year old has been working on potty training and his reward is a cookie when he goes (it only took 3 days, now we don’t need cookies!) but I wanted a healthier alternative instead of sugar filled cookies.

Anyway, the banana offset the peanut butter flavor that I could eat it! My son doesn’t seem to be that blown away by these, but he also loves the cookies that carry a cup of sugar in them! 😉 my step daughter on the other hand cant’t get enough of them.  My favorite part about these cookies is that they never went hard when stored.  Sometimes with any cookie, in my cookie jars they get hard after awhile, or even during the cooling stage!  I never had that issue with these and they’ve been stored in a cookie jar now for about 6 days.

This isn’t the most lengthy review, but they’re delicious and I recommend you go try them out!


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