Baked BBQ Chops & more

As promised, a review of my parents’s cooking….awkward! 

They made the most delicious meal the other night,  which they always cook great food (unless it’s got lamb, then no thank you). First there were pork chops that baked in BBQ sauce, red onion and beef broth. They came out so tender and juicy. Pork chops to die for!!! (New name for the dish mom)  

Then we had mixed vegetables (Bell peppers of assorted colors, onions and mushrooms) that baked in white wine and beef broth. I’ve always cooked veggies with wine -hopefully that doesn’t say anything about me?!- but never with broth, it have such great flavor to the veggies! Here in Alaska, we are getting to the time of year vegetables start tasting bland, this trick definitely brought a punch  of flavor. 

Finally, there were fried potatoes. The only place I know to find them is at the Commissary  so all you military folk, give  them a try! Found in the German food section. I love these bad boys! A favorite I’ve had since a kid when my Oma [grandma] would make them. It’s the little things…

Anyway, my parents dinner was so delicious that I recommend that yall give this a try!!! 

& a big thank you to mom and dad. (:


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