Homemade Buns Review

I have always been fairly skeptical about making breads/rolls/buns in general due to the rising process.  I am fearful of dough that won’t rise then I would have wasted so many ingredient.  Well, I hate the taste of store bought buns, they lack the oomph that you want. I came across this recipe, homemade hamburger buns, by Chef John on Allrecipes (my go-to) and I love it!!
These buns had so much flavor, they weren’t dense like some bun recipes I have found.  They had such an airy/fluffy inside and a nice golden appearance on the outside.  I didn’t have sesame seeds so I left that part out, but they were still the most amazing homemade bun recipe I’ve ever found.. I even love them more than my own roll recipe!!
Thank you Chef John for sharing such a simple, but delicious recipe! I cannot wait to refer to this one again!
I hope you all, when you are in need of buns, go to this recipe and give it a whirl! Even those who aren’t expert bakers can make this recipe!

Happy Cooking! & Enjoy! (:


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