Baked BBQ Baby Back ribs review

Allrecipes  is my go to website  for new ideas. Whether I tweak the original recipe or follow it to the T, it’s where most of the inspo  comes from.

I found a ribs recipe that was amazing! I followed the ingredients but ended up altering the cook times and temperatures.

Chef John (someone I’ve reviewed before and have been a huge fan about his recipes) created this brilliant rib masterpiece. For starters I used 2 different BBQ SAUCE (2 racks of ribs) one KC masterpiece original and another Kenai Extra Spicy (Alaskan local BBQ sauce).

The flavor the rub carries is so good and the BBQ sauce adheres so nicely  to the ribs giving it exceptional texture and taste. Even the kids loved it!

I mentioned before that I cooked different times and temps. I cooked 2 hours at 325 then uncovered them. Basted with BBQ sauce and baked at 425 for 30 minutes.

I recommend that all you barbecue lovers give this bad boy a try! It’s finger lickin,  fall off the bone delicious.


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