Pork chops for tacos?!

I am a huge red chili fan, as I have !mentioned many times in my posts and I am a sucker for tacos using red chili in place of salsa. One dish I fell in love with when visiting New Mexico was red chili pork tacos. It has now become about since a month dish in my house. I have to get food authentic red chili shipped to me, lol. But anyway, I’ve posted a similar post before regarding making these, so today I’ll be explaining my latest twist to the meal 😉

I always make homemade tortillas, for one thing it is way more cost efficient and they taste better. They usually come out thinner too so you aren’t filling up on tortilla, you get more of the goods!
So for these chops I did two kinds, hence the three on their own lol.
batch 1:

Cover chops generously with: seasoned salt, pepper, and some smoked cayenne.

Bath 2: 

Cover chops generously with Weber’s Garlic Habanero seasoning and some pepper.
Grill between 325°F and 350°F for about 20 minutes or until done. 
I’ve also become a big fan of grilled corn this summer. Nothing beats the flavor! I throw the corn on when I put the chops on and just continuously brush them with butter and rotating every few minutes. 

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