Friiiiiied Chicken

I loooove fried chicken.  When I was a kid, my grandma always made it for us, but when she moved to the lower 48 fried chicken was rare unless I went to KFC (so not the same!).  When I moved out of my parents house, fried chicken became a regular thing again because it’s just THAT good.  Nothing is better than fried up comfort food served with all the sides.  Thank you to my Oka for sharing some of her recipes with me (which of course I did tweak a bit).

So my fried chicken is very simple and seriously it’s an eyeball measurement kind of thing.
3/4 cup flour
Red Pepper flakes
Garlic Powder
Seasoning Salt
Red Chile Powder
Add those ingredients to a gallon size baggie and add your chicken pieces and shake away!
I usually use drumsticks, but last night I used breast halves (bone in, skin on).  People argue that Crisco is the best thing to fry chicken in (the hard stuff ya know), but it’s the same to me as frying it in straight up vegetable oil, since that’s sort of the same thing.  I use vegetable oil every time because to me it adds a better flavor than using the Crisco shortening. I’ve also heard of peanut oil, but I only use that for frying fish (eliminates the fish smell).
Anyway, fry the chicken in whatever oil you choose until the chickens done! I did the breasts for about 15 minutes per side on medium high heat.

Serve with homemade biscuits, chicken gravy, and some vegetables.  My collards aren’t ready yet otherwise I would have cooked them up with it.  #southernfoods


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