Life, Kids, and those crazy pets

2 kids, 3 dogs, and 6 chickens…Some days it is hard to keep my sanity!
I have a son and a stepdaughter.  My son who is some daredevil, no fear, do-anything child at a whopping 2 years old gives me mini heart attacks every single day. My stepdaughter is 6 and looks forward to coming to our house to learn about cooking(yay!) and to see her brother and the many animals that are here.
Diesel is our husky/lab pound hound. I went into the local shelter one day and had to have him.  Mainly because the bond him and my son had the moment they saw each other.  That bond hasn’t changed.  Love his stubborn butt to death, drives me crazy, puts me on my toes, but hey, he’s a giant love bug. And yes, a literal giant for only 9 months he is massive!
Nitrous, our most recent acquired dog is a mutt, love her and hate her all at the same time.  She is a very hard-headed, little ball of attitude 24/7.  Some days I look at her and go if you weren’t so dang cute you wouldn’t be here! Again, I love her all the same though.
Princeton Willis (yep, that’s the name I gave this dog when I was 18).  When I was down in the dumps after the most hectic of times, I came across this dog on a craigslist ad.  A chihuahua/pekingese mix -although, I swear he is a chihuahua/rotti mix.  Full of anger and attitude, I love him.  He can be sweet most times, but with the flip of a switch little demon dog awakens in him and becomes chaos.
My kids love these dogs so much, which is why I remind myself this is why we have these 3.  They do know though I will NOT be having anymore dogs until these 3 are long gone, because as usual, Mom ends up caring for the pets because no one else wants to anymore (sigh). Sorry mom, I know we did the same thing 😉  Can’t blame the future hubs, he does his part and works to keep our family taken care of – Thank you honey! – while I stay home with this chaotic crazy mess of animals (this includes the kids).
Lastly, there are our chickens.  They’re named – thanks kiddos- which should make butcher days so much fun!  We have always talked about having chickens because they’re relatively cheap to keep (compared to our dogs who eat so dang much!) and have a purpose to provide food for our family.  Seeing how Mike is a hunter/fisher, it made perfect sense to utilize these animals for our eggs and meat.  Why not!?  Well, I’m terrified of birds and since their wings are not clipped yet, I panic every time they flap their wings. One landed on me the other day and I may have peed a little…Yes, I am THAT terrified…
Anyway, I hope you guys find humor in some posts and some wisdom at times, thank you for following and liking everything.  It makes blogging worth it(: