Terrible 2 corrector!

Alright, I’ve shared before my son has terrible twos, but things have escalated. We live in a technological world and for Christmas he got a Kindle Fire with a bunch of kids games, movies and books. When he doesn’t get electronics (because I do NOT allow electronics all dang day) he would pitch a huge fit! Screaming at the top of his lungs, wanting to punch, etc. Well, spankings don’t work that leads to at bigger meltdown and timeout just angers him. So I tried something new. A “Cool-Down” spot just for him! I have at sectional sofa and just took one piece that fits into a corner of our living room. I put a basket with a color puzzle (we taught him colors reflect emotions kind of deal), I Am A Rainbow by Dolly Partons  (kids book about feelings), his ABC learning Tablet thing, a wooden car, and a coloring book with crayons. When he begins getting upset and out of control he goes in the chair for 10 minutes to relax. To our surprise after a few times of learning it, he’s understanding and when he gets upset it’s not as severe. Mind you this is just day 2 of trying this and I am already seeing results! Any of you struggling with naughty kids, give this a try! 

Timeout I feel is to negative and punishing for a kid to understand at 2 1/2 years old, same with spankings. So I had to find something new. 


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