The Chaos that is America Today.

I’ve posted about this before, but hey I’ll do it again. Something to get it through the heads of all these protesters that they are being childish. Donald Trump is your new president, suck it the neck up or get out of the country. We are AMERICANS and we should be united. Obama said “time for a change”and most the change we saw was bad and blue collar workers for shafted. I’m sorry that all you ignorant, uneducated, lazy people feel the need to right over a week later. College students getting treated like toddlers, GROW UP! This is our country, things are going to be reformed and changed, thank God! Maybe someone as harsh and honest as Trump is what we need,not a man who makes everything so sweet that we become blind to reality. Thank the last 8 years for creating childish America -other countries mock us. Donald Trump has a plan Make America Great again and I praise that man for letting us Americans know that change is coming, health care costs will decrease, drugs will not be easily transported across our borders and more jobs available for those legally living in this country. And to me, one major thing taking care of our veterans finally! As a proud supporter of our military men and women, I cannot be happier to see them being taken care of. 

Needless to say, I am tired of opening the news and seeing nothing but Americans turning on each other and rioting over something that cannot be changed and odds are most of y’all didn’t even go vote! It’s time to grow up America. Hannity has it right, this is ridiculous. Our voices matter but to this extreme is just embarrassing.

Rant over, goodnight all.😴


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