Getting a little political…

Everyone has their opinion on the outcome of the elections on Tuesday, but here’s the thing…We are a country, United under God, so why then are there riots in the streets? We are entitled to our opinions and have a freedom of speech, but I feel this is getting a little out of hand and out of perspective.  Donald Trump, the President-elect, was 100% correct when he said we need to forget about our race, it isn’t about that anymore, we need to be United as a country again and fix this country…I have some of the harshest opinions of Clinton but if she would have won, I would not stoop to a level so low and make myself look ridiculously arrogant and childish by throwing a fit, destroying people’s personal property, and picking fights regarding election results.  Let’s join together and make a better America.


One thought on “Getting a little political…

  1. Two-Cent Woman says:

    I agree completely. It seems people don’t understand the difference between their right to peacefully protest and breaking the law with violent rioting.


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