Pinterest and Motherhood

Pinterest has me becoming the mom I always dreamed I could be! So many kids crafts, projects and things to keep my little Monster behaving throughout the day. I try to do 3 crafts a week with my son, he also has ABC Mouse to do during the days too (minus on weekends).  I hated being a mom who resorted to technology, but now I have accepted that that’s how it is now-a-days.  We use old school paper work books, my 2 year old rocks these little PreSchool age learning books, we read several books a day – which he’s beginning to read along with, but this ABC Mouse is so helpful too! It’s a great change in our day plus there are thousands of activities he can do on it.
Anyway, back to Pinterest…Thank you to all those Moms who have posted activities and crafts!! This week we made Monster puppets from paper bags, that are now in his Quiet Time box for Fridays and we made a paper chain snake in Denver Broncos colors (Broncos fans in our house so YES blue and orange was 100% necessary!).  Last week, when my stepdaughter was here we made pumpkins from construction paper and a sticker halloween activity.  Now that November is here, I looked up some Thanksgiving craft ideas which we will begin today. My son loves it, well, he loves glueing, but it’s such a good start!


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