Fitbit Fun!

My honey recently bought me a Fitbit Flex.  I’ve been wanting to get really active and fit again, but wanted to be able to actually see my progress and how much I am doing each day.  Not just winging it and guessing eh I did x amount of miles.  Little did I know I do a TON chasing my 2 year old around at stores, at home, and keeping up with household chores. I average 4 miles a day! Here I thought I was lazy…
Such great motivation! I reccomend to everyone to get one! It is such an amazing feeling to see progress each and every day.  Not only does it track your activity, but you can add how much water you are taking in daily, set your own goals, and log food to check calories in vs out.  I first thought the Fitbit was overrated, but that is not the case! It truly is an amazing product.
P90x just got far more intense now that I can see how many calories I am burning!


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