Two chickens down…

Well, in all this crazyness of beginning our journey with chickens, sadly two of them haven’t made it too far…  One girl had gotten sick (as I believe I have mentioned in a previous post) so we killed her… Then, my big ol’ dog attacked one of my hens as she was wandering around the woods and broke her wing/ribs.  After giving her a day to try and recoop, because these are my girls and I don’t plan on killing them all willy nilly as Mike tries to… Well, she ended up getting killed because healing was not going to work.  She couldn’t walk or stand so she didn’t need to be in pain anymore.  Unfortunately, she was our gold wyandotte and was GORGEOUS (for a chicken, of course)… Lessons learned though right? Well, now I am down to my three girls and two roosters until next spring.  Waiting to see how well the do in the Alaskan winter before adding to my flock. We then had to explain to the kids that it’s a part of life to have an animal not make it.  It’s farm life.  Something I knew would happen, but I do like my girls.


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