My “Zoo”

As my mom calls my house, my zoo.  It is. A toddler running around 24/7, seriously he does not sleep.  Kids his age sleep 14 hours, HA! yeah right! I luck out with maybe 7 hours at night and maybe a 2 hour nap, lol.  On top of that crazy boy, I have 3 dogs, 5 chickens and a house.  Yeah, you ladies know, the house counts too, it’s a chore to keep up with.
I spend 90% of the day keeping up with the kid, then theres feeding the dogs, picking up after everything, letting the chickens out and putting them in at night (if they aren’t snoozing in a tree).
Maybe I was crazy thinking I could manage all the animals, but at the time everyone wanted them, about two weeks after getting the third dog (dog number 2 was all me because well, his pound puppy face killed me and said “take me home”) and at the time we just got 4 of the chickens, the help I was getting stopped.  It was all exciting to help mom take the dogs out to play, for walks, to help feed them, but now it’s all on mom.  Make sure they’re fed, picked up after outside, kennels cleaned out periodically and everything else.  Now with the chickens, I’m the one making sure they’re fed, coop gets cleaned out, and so much more.  It’s seriously a zoo and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about getting rid of everything, because I have.  Speaking of my zoo, looking out my front window my chickens have all wandered from the 2 acres they have to roam freely to my front yard, next thing I know they’ll be in my window!  They do know when I get food for them, they come running (yes, full on charging) to the garage when they hear the bucket.  Funny animals they are.  This is what makes me keep my zoo, as much as it drives me crazy, I feel a slight bit of satisfaction with it.  My chickens have a system, more like we have a system together, we have signals they seem to follow and respond to.  In fact, I have one rooster who seems to follow me around when I do yard work, he likes to check in on what I’m doing.  Eyeing me so often and just keeping pace.
Perhaps having a “zoo” isn’t so bad, but I am sure I’m not the only momma that has her hands full with all the animals of the house! How do some of you moms deal with this?


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