Well, it’s been awhile…

So, things have been pretty hectic on my end and that has explained my lack of posting!! No recipes in 16 days, reviews, or any blabber I feel like posting.  To sum up my missing status, we have had chicken drama, crazy potty training, and cleaning carpets after the dogs.

We had a chicken get out of the coop 3 weeks ago and we found her 4 days after her escape (technically, the dog found her) under our porch cold, wet, and skinny.  After 5 days of her recovering, we noticed she was riddled with worms… soooo, her life was cut short at 8 weeks old… There was that crazyness and gross part of life.

My son has completely lost interest in the whole getting his butt changed all the time so I kicked potty training into high gear and it was highly successful!! We have only maybe 1 or 2 accidents a day (yay!) and that usually has to do with he is so into whatever it is he’s doing and forgets to say anything.  Can’t blame the kid because for being 2 years old, he’s moving right along the development and learning ladder! One proud momma! 😉

Next, we have 3 dogs as I’ve mentioned previously, but our newest, Nitrous, likes to have accidents on my carpet, after staring at stains for months I finally had enough and cleaned it.  Thank God for the Bissell Pet Shampooer! LIFE SAVER! On a note, I make my own carpet shampoo, which I will post how to make later, because I feel it’s less harmful on my little one’s skin as he scoots around.  He can totally walk, but he has watched The Good Dinosaur so much that occasionally he runs around like Spot, or crawls while dragging his head across the floor… What can I say, his imagination is booming lol.

Anyhooooo, I am back in action and will be spending a good part of my morning posting some recipes and what not for ya!
Happy Saturday Y’all!! 🙂


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