Big ‘ol Coop

This past weekend Mike and I had began constructing our chicken coop and it ended up WAY bigger than we had projected.  I think it’s 7 feet long x 5 feet wide and 4 feet tall! but it looks awesome!! I cannot wait to show y’all the finished product.  Mike has worked extremely hard making it look nice.  We have a few more pieces to finish, the doors with hinges, nesting boxes, the roost bar and the ramp.  Then we have to find some strong people to come help us move it from the driveway to the woods!
Mike was all about buying one and putting it together, but I liked the idea of a project we could build together and I hated how tiny the ones we saw to purchase were.  I have enough room for at LEAST 15 chickens (we have 7 currently), so next year I’ll be expanding my flock.  I have enjoyed raising the chickens, even being scared of birds, but they’re amazing little creatures to watch.  If you have the time, space,money or interest, I recommend raising chickens!
I’ll keep you updated with more chicken news!


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