The makeshift coop

So, never been one to consider myself or my property looking “white-trash,” I may be country/redneck/whatever name you feel like giving it, but not “white-trash.”  Well, I may have crossed over that line during the last week and a half.  Our coop for our chickens isn’t complete yet, mainly because I had read 6 weeks and then you can move chickens outside HA!!!! My garage smelt absolutely horrible so I said screw it, they’re going outside!!! They’re now in a dog cage (probably 2 feet tall and 6 square feet area) covered with an old inflatable pool….Yeah, that’s soooo cool right?! Well, have your garage smell like chickens and poop all the dang time and you’ll do whatever means necessary!
On an upside, they seem to enjoy being outdoors better than ever sitting in the garage.  The older four get to free range during the day under supervision of course (we’ve had an eagle fly over a few times and I’m like not good! Rush the flock inside!).  Others get to stay inside until feathers come in…
For those chicken enthusiasts we have 2 olive egger roosters, 1 gold wyandotte pullet, 1 barred plymouth rock pullets, 2 white plymouth pullets, and soon we will have 2 rhode island red pullets.  Gotta have my layers! Any local family/friends will luck out with some nice farm fresh eggs!


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