Chicken, meet dog’s mouth

Around 5 weeks ago, Mike and I took on the venture of raising chickens for mainly eggs, but also meat when their time comes.  Our chicks are now 5 weeks old and stinking up our garage. Last night I was complaining that they need to get outside and suggested just leaving them in their cage  (a metal dog play area thing I had for my chihuahua mix years ago) outside with the heat lamp plugged in.  Immediately Mike was like oh unless you want them eaten, they’ll have to stay in the house (predators out there ya know!).  Today I was reminded why we don’t leave chickens free ranging unattended…
As I was driving down our road, a loose dog was carrying this big fat hen in his mouth.  More like parading this poor dead bird around.  Well, our neighbors down the street have at least one hen that free ranges constantly and without anyone ever watching her.  This apparently didn’t work out so well for her…
I had to giggle, one this dog that occasionally visits our dogs for a random play session then runs off, but two he had found food. Where he went off to to enjoy his prize is beyond me! I’d be furious if it was one of my chicks, so I laughed and was like, that must have been what Mike was warning be about!! Luckily, my dogs have gotten used to the birds and don’t attack them, they only herd them back into the garage at night (yay!).  My husky/lab, Diesel, has a fascination with eating frogs and other birds, so I luck out that way I suppose!


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